Seminar on ‘Building Tech Careers’ at DUET

Today I have participated in a seminar arranged by phpExperts and CSE Department, DUET. The journey to DUET was fun! I came with Hasan vy who picked me up from Mohakhali. Then we all (hasin hayder, omi azad, arild) at Jasim Uddin! Then we had a mini race to come faster but Hasan vy was not willing to risk fuel sufficiency. So he entered a CNG refueling station and as a result he fallen back :D.

However, we all reached safely and the session started in time. The seminar covered the following session:

Ghazi Asif Salahuddin (Lenin)
CTO, Bullseyelogic
Topic Title: “How to prepare for the next step?”

Tarek Mahmud Apu
Founder, WNeeds
Topic Title: “OOP in PHP”

Arild Klokkerhaug
CEO, Somewhere in Net Ltd
Topic Title: “Anything you really want to do, you can do”

M A Hossain Tonu
Software Engineer, Improsys Inc.
Topic Title: “Software Engineering in PHP”

Anis Uddin Ahmad
Sr. Software Engineer., Right Brain Solution Ltd
Topic Title: “Successful Freelancing Career”

Nhm Tanveer Hossain Khan
IT Director, Tasawr Interactive
Topic Title: “Hi code man! Ain’t you crazy enough?”

Emran Hasan
Co-Founder & CTO: Right Brain Solutions
Topic Title: “LAMP – lighten up your career”

Hasin Hyder
Founder, Leevio
Topic Title: “Successful Team work”

I have enjoyed all the sessions :). Thanks to the speakers and the organizers.

  • yeah, nice program and u are so fast of writing blog 😀

  • shemul

    i was there…..good to see all 🙂
    thanks phpexperts

  • The HungryCoder

    You could meet us!

  • shemul

    voy paicilam..jodi na chenen 😛

  • “OOP in PHP” – It was very important for me!
    but what to do ? 🙁
    i am not 18+ 🙁

  • The HungryCoder

    ha ha! who the hell said you that you need to be 18+ to learn OOP in PHP? ha ha. this is jock of the day.

  • shemul

    +18 ??
    object orient php shikte ki +18 lage ? 😀

  • oh! man!
    i didn’t tried to say like this. I am really so sorry if my explaining was not clear!

    i tried to mean that “OOP in PHP” – this topic was important for me! but i couldn’t attend there because i am not 18+ !

    i think now you are clear 😉

  • The HungryCoder

    was there any such restrictions?

  • no…but i think there were no people who is under 18!
    can you show me anyone ?

  • Wow… nice update from you .. thnx