MongoDB Workshop

Today I’ve participated in a workshop titled Build a Cloud With Dev Stack and Build an Application with MongoDB held in Daffodil University. I was excited about the workshop as these type of workshops are not very common in our country. It’s good to see such events are started to happen.

Today’s workshop was splited into two parts. One is the cloud part and another one was MongoDB part. The cloud part introduced the participants with the cloud systems (which is like sequel of the CloudCamp event held day before yesterday) and gave us high level hands on deploying a cloud system. This part is taken by Mohammad Zaman, from Virtustream and OpenStack contributor.

Another part was MongoDB. This part is taken by Jeremy Mikola, PHP Engineer at 10gen (the mongodb company). This was quite interesting session and we’ve learned quite few interesting things about MongoDB. Yes, there is still long way to go but certainly we’ve learned the basic things to get started. As I’ve some practical experience with MongoDB, I found the session quite easy for me :).

One interesting thing is that, while reviewing Ruby and MongoDB Web Development Beginner’s Guide I skipped the Geolocation chapter and kept that for later. In today’s session Jeremy mostly discussed about the Geolocation support  of MongoDB. I’m really feeling lucky :).

Both persons were very friendly and they’ve answered the bunch of questions with patience. I hope they will conduct more such events in the coming days.

I almost forgot to mention, I got a nice certificate at the end of the workshop. I did not know that I would be getting it :). Here it is