2013 RubyConf Bangladesh

I was presenting in 2013 RubyConf  Bangladesh event

I was presenting in 2013 RubyConf Bangladesh event

Well, finally the moment came. RubyConf Bangladesh finally happened at the BASIS Auditorium. The whole day was fun.

The event was scheduled at 11am. However, audience started arriving from 9am. We’ve been thrilled to see the enthusiasm among the audience. The event started 5 mins later than scheduled.

Initially Fayaz Taher, from BDTech Social, welcomed everyone to the conference and invited Fazle Taher, from Infra Blue Technologies, to present his Keynote. After the keynote, there was a interesting Ice Breaking session. In that session, audience are encouraged to meet and network with new people, exchange business cards/contact details. At the end of that session, a pop question asked to audience to name of 5 new people they just met. S M Rasel (from NewsCred Inc) won that prize. He is my co-worker and he proved what he always used to say (he used to see he “can remember names using some techniques”).

Nurul Ferdous, from Tasawr Interactive, presented his topic Ruby for the rest of us which is basically an introduction to Ruby Programming Language.

After Ferdous, I started presenting my topic Welcome to Kingdom of Ruby on Rails. This was a very basic introduction to Ruby on Rails and sneak peak to its powers.

After myself, Muntasim Ahmed from Tasawr Interactive nicely presented Rails Engine::An awesome tool to extend your app.

After lunch break Fayaz Taher presented a hybrid topic. His topic title was Ruby & Startup. In his presentation he explained why and how Ruby can be interesting for startups. He also brought few investors on stage and interviewed about the problems they are facing and how those can be solved using Ruby and it’s supporting technologies.

NHM Tanveer Hasan Khan, from Genweb2 Ltd, presented his topic Decouple, Bundle and Share with Ruby Gems. His style of presentation really loved by the audience and certainly awakened people who were feeling drowsy 😉 after lunch.

Asif Manjor, from Nascenia IT Limited showed the power of Ruby programming language and how you can extend this power with its meta-programming abilities in this topic The Beauty of Metaprogramming in Ruby.

Nafiul Karim, from NewsCred Inc., showed audience how to drink coffeescript and haml using Rail’s asset pipeling in this presentation titled Sprocket! Drink Coffeescript with Haml & SASS.

When people are already symlinking Ruby to Rails, Anis Uddin Ahmed, from WNeeds, came to rescue by presenting Desktop application with Ruby and JRuby and convinced all that desktop applications can also be developed using Ruby.

Fattahul Alam, from Nascenia IT Ltd, presented on of the sacred thing of web application develop, automated testing. In his presentation Automated Testing using RSpec in Rails  he showed how can we implement automated testings in our rails applications.

In the final presentation Fazle Taher came again and presented Sinatra, micro web framework. He also presented application deployment using Capistrano, cloud management with Chef and process monitoring with God. He also explained What’s Next!!!

In the Q&A session, the audience was asked several questions. The winners are awarded with software licenses that we’ve received from our partners to give away. The prizes were:

3 copies of RubyMotion sponsored by HipByte
2 copies of TextMate sponsored by Micromates
10 copies of RubyMine sponsored by JetBrains

For further information, please visit official site.