The dark time

We are passing some bad time from last week. The incident from Dhaka University gymnasium converted to curfews. But I believe there are some other person, apart from general students, who ignited the issue against the govt. Again, the govt (The army) have shown some prove that the country is really operating by them. The all university students will remember their behavior life long and I believe, these students may take revenge in any stage of life, if they gets the chance.

The army binded the university students to leave their halls within 3/4 hours duration. Specially the girls were in trouble. They blind army did not see it. Moreover, on Wednesday, they entered the nearby students mess and beat all students mercilessly. They are also forced to leave the mess and beaten. but when they came out to go home, outside army, police also beaten them for coming out while it is curfew. What is trap!

I strongly criticize the incidents which lengthened the students agitation and also the behavior of army. But I welcome the curfew to control the situation and hope it will be withdrawn very soon. I request to govt. to arrest the political persons who ignited the incidence not the general students.