Looking back… (Part 1)

Today I sat in the last exam of my BBA (Hons) degree; that means my BBA is almost completed. Just waiting for the Viva though on 30th June, I have to face the Viva-voce. A milestone is achieved.

I may not participate in MBA in University of Rajshahi. I will try to admit somewhere in Dhaka or abroad.

I have admitted in Rajshahi University in 2003. From 15 March, 2003 our classes started. According to schedule I should have finished by March 2007. But yes session jam took more than 1 year of our lives. But still thanks Allah that the new batches are not cursed by this black session jam. We have fight most to eliminate the session jam. Lights did not shed us but our followers. We are happy for this though.

The last two years I was almost exhausted in Rajshahi. I started hating to stay here anymore. But no way! I can’t leave in the middle. I was always waiting for this moment. But today? Today I am getting reverse. My heart fills in pain when I think I am leaving Rajshahi forever. I have stayed in Dhaka city for about 7 years. In Rajshahi for more than 5 years. So, there are hundreds of memorable events. I am leaving a many ‘my’ like my campus, my room, my academic building, my residential hall, my paris road and so on.

Five and half years passed. Time moves so fast! Now its time to evaluate what I have taken from this university, from this city and from the natives and also what I have given to all these! Most probably, I have taken much more than I have given!

I am grateful to all my teachers, non-academic staffs, university officials, natives of Rajshahi and many others. Though, last 1 year, I became irritated due to some attitudes, ideologies of the native people but now I miss all of them. I am taking a few name those I will remember & miss always.

Lutfor Vy: This man is the first friend of Rajshahi. When I went to Shahabuddin Manson at Binodpur for renting a seat, we got introduced. He was a fairly simple person. But now due to some hidden religious believes he is getting complex day by day.
Shimul: This person is the second. He was the caretaker of the Sahabuddin Manson. We have taken the seat rent from him. A very loyal and gentle boy.
Sona vy: He is the owner of the Sahabuddin Manson. We become intimated somehow. At sometime we stayed a long time together. He taught me how to ride a motorcycle. He has a lot of contribution to my IT career. Though once some misunderstanding happened among us, we are now recovered from that. He also introduced me to Meditation.
Kalu vy: This man is another more than gentle person. He worked in a restaurant named Madaripur at University Railway Station. He is too polite. He always taken good care of students while serving foods. For some reason, he liked me very much and also tried to make me happy by feeding. He now works in SM Hall.
Khalu: The owner of the Madaripur restaurant. His has extremely attractive business policy. He always tend to give discounts to students. We called him Khalu (Uncle).
Sumon Vy: Sumon vy was the owner of Montessory Cyber Cafe. Most probably this guy have much contribution to my IT career. Sumon (This is another sumon. We called him Tagi, the Bangla of sacrifice), one of the founders of Xenex Web Solutions introduced me to him. Sumon vy, allowed me random access to his cafe and computers. I used his cafe and computers day and night however I wanted. I have also given my best to grow up his cafe. I have taken care of all computers. But still the inducement I received from him much more than what I have given. Because, he could easily got another guy for such, but my IT career could hamper If I did not get access to there as I personally had not any computer that time. He always used to say “In my student life, I was looking for such opportunities but did not found. So getting creative boys like you, I am willing to give most of mine). I am always grateful to him.

(to be continued)

*vy = Brother