Just not a certificate, but something more…

On april 10, 2008 I have participated in a debate workshop titled ‘Workshop on Debate and Presentation”. The workshop was organized by Business Studies Faculty Debating Forum (BFDF) in association with Bangladesh Debate Federation (BDF). The two days workshop was held in the Dean Complex Auditorium of Rajshahi University.

Some legend person of debate in Bangladesh, has presented theory, principles and practices of debate. Mr. Bulbul Ahmed, former president of BDF presented the session about fundamental knowledge of debate. Later, Mrs. Richi, another national debater & former General Secretary of BDF, presented the session about presentation during debate. She described and showed how to present the speech in a formal and nice way.

On the first session of next day Mr. Babu, another former president of BDF, presented his speech on Parliamentary debate. He outlined the key features, techniques, rules etc. regarding the parliamentary debate.

Later, a practice debate was performed in front of these legend.

After the launch Mr. Sanjib Saha, General Secretary of BDF, presented the session on ‘Strategy Building’.. Very interactively, he presented how to develop the strategy for the debate.

The whole workshop was totally interactive and the presenters were much friendly which did not let the session to be monotonous.

Earlier, I have participated in an internal debate of our dept, Finance & Banking. Their I was marked as best debater of that session, which was a great inspiration for me. This workshop has strengthened my debate backbone. Even not only for debate, this workshop’s some sessions were extremely useful for me as a business graduate. This workshop taught us how to present speech, how to become technical and logical rather becoming angry, how to adjust our tone, volume and pace during any presentation etc.

I feel lucky as I could attended this workshop. Thanks to the organizers and best wishes to all of them.