how to promote your blog? Some easy steps….

Most probably these keywords are most common keywords that people usually search for. After searching for these, undoubtedly you will get a lots of search results. But these tips are a bit different. I have prepared this article based on my own experiences with my blog(s) rather than dumping or summarizing from other tips. So my tips may seem to both logical and illogical to you though I don’t care about that as I said, I have gained these from my experiments. This article is a combination of tips and tools that will help increasing traffic to your blog and I assume that you have created your blog using WordPress blogging engine.

  1. First of all and most probably most common, make unique contents. I rather suggest making worse unique contents than copying some useful contents. Write whatever you wish. Just keep in mind that if you dance on road at midnight, you will surely get some company. So, whatever you write you will get some readers. Also, write regularly. Regularly means at a regular interval. For example it may be each alternate days or even one each week. Keep writing and writing. It will help you increase traffic. It is because, when you have some articles, you will have some readers. They may also follow your writing interval and may return to your site based on that interval. Though I am not certain, but I think, search engines also understand the interval of new contents.

  2. Choose a clean template those are with SEO optimized. Most of the themes are created keeping SEO in mind. So find them and install them.

  3. Add your blog to, google blog search and other sites providing same functionality. You may also use to submit your blogs RSS feeds.

  4. Install the following plugins:

    1. BookMark me – This will allow people to share/bookmark your blog posts in many sites.

    2. Comment Approve Notifier – This will notify the people who have commented in your blog when you approve their comments. They will surely return when they get such message.

    3. Subscribe to Comments – This plugin will allow people to subscribe while they comment so that they are notified on subsequent comments on that post.

    4. Global Translator – This worked like magic for my blog. It increased about 50% traffic to my site. Use SEO optimized links for this plugin. For example,, etc.

    5. Google XML Sitemap – General XML sitemap for your blog and submit it to google.

    6. WassUp – Help you understand users activities.

    7. All-in-one-SEO – Help you to optimize your blog for search engines.

    8. Read Counter – See how many times a post is viewed.

    9. WP-Cumulus – This will impress your readers.

    10. AutoTag – Automatically generate perfect tags for your posts.

  5. Read people blogs and make worthy comments on their blog providing your blog URL. Never think that, commenting with URL will instantly bring traffics! Many bloggers set nofollow in their comment section. So will it still help you increasing traffic? I say yes. Nofollow is a matter to search engines (bots) but no matter to human. If you make worthy comment, the blogger and the other reader may be interested about your blog and come to your site. Try to skipping comments like ‘nice idea’, ‘good site’ etc. Also don’t include any link in your comment unless it is highly important and never and ever don’t add more than 3 links in a single comment. There is very high possibility that your comment will be marked as spam and it will take longer time to get approval (if worth of approval though).

  6. If you participate in community blogs, forums share your articles there too with links to your blog. Also, try to set attractive signature linking to your blog.

  7. If you use someone’s contents or have reference to other site, don’t forget to send trackback to their post. It will create a backlink to your blog too opening the window of more visitors.

  8. Build a blogroll. Add others in your blogroll and try to convince them to add you to their blogroll.

I will continue updating this post whenver I find more ideas.

Update (April 08, 2009):

Please see the statistics of my blog. See how it is increasing unique visitors. The result came through the above steps.