Creative VPS :: Creative(!) Business Idea

During the first week of november, visiting WHT I have seen that Creative VPS has an incredible VPS deal (Halloween promotion)! That is really an attractive offer. I instantly signed up with them on Nov 5. I got the account details on Nov 8 :-O. Even I just received webmin access (i requested its installation during order). I did not get formal account account info mail. I got that after asking 3 times even 3-4 days later. Anyway, i could login to webmin and shell using that info and prepared the server and moved a forum there. I was very much happy seeing the performance. After 2/3 days later, at morning I have seen that mysql is stopped. I started it. Same happened for next day too. I again started it and install monit to monitor its activity. Surprise was waiting for next day morning. I see that my site is not coming. I failed to login in shell. Then logged in to VZCP and see the container is off :-O. I started it. After a few mins, I received a email telling that CPU abuse from my VPS and offering to purchase server management. This is first time I heard for any VPS. Seems that I am in a shared hosting. Being VPS I should have separate partition of everything. Moreover, the site the VPS service is not anything intense. It was running fine with more 90+ domains in a VPS with WiredTree. The vps load remains below 1 most of the time.

After that, I tried to contact the Joseph on MSN. His attitude was totally attacking, not showed simple generosity. I even requested to provide a fair dedicated share. He said it is not possible. But later i have seen from /proc/cpuinfo that the CPU is 116MHz and the site taking about 30-90 to generate a page. Server load is above 3 which was below .6 most of the time earlier in this server. I wanted to know any way of solutions. It seemed that only purchasing management is the alternative. What benefit that will do! Even his words never matched. In mail he said, mysql was using consistent 10% cpu. In chat, he said it was using 50% cpu and server become inaccessible to others due to it! I did not find anyone logical according to my limited knowledge on this arena. So there may be two implication.

1. We have given a low offer. So now buy our management. Problem will be solved

2. We have given the offer to quickly fill a new node. Now the node is getting full. So we need to clear cheap clients and replace with bigger one!

Both ideas seems very creative! I did not want to loss anymore money with them. I have again quickly moved my site to old server. It is now serving their fine. So consider it before moving to them. In every way, WiredTree is best. I expect one day they will reduce the price significantly offering the unmanaged server.