Class party & fun tour

Yesterday was our 4th year celebration of admission to University of Rajshahi. March 15, 2003 our first year class started. Countably, we should complete our BBA by March 2007. Huh, what a badluck!!! We still could not complete our 3rd year, 2nd semester by now due to extream session jam in first year.

To celebrate our 4 year, we have gone to our external campus (Narikel Baria). There we did much enjoy with our two teachers, Mr. Rustam Ali Ahmed and Mr. Belal and almost all of our classmates.

After having lunch, we back to campus and our class party started. I joined this later due to some external business. The most funny things occured here. Students are acting like our teachers, some showing funny news presentation, song, dance etc.

Overall a nice day!!! Great, at least for a day we did forget the pain of session jam. 🙂