– a collective stupidity

Few days ago I have heard about them in Projanmo Forum that this site is going to rank Bangladeshi Universities. I did not find them worthy to visit. But today one of our teachers mailed me regarding this. here is what he wrote:

Please consider voting, however stupid the idea may sound and be indeed! Just prove that we’re also online watching what’s going on around.

So I thought to give them a sight and also voted without reading anything! I have also joined the stupidity and turned to a stupid too!

After the vote, I tried exploring the site and become astonished seeing there is nothing about these den of those stupids. There is no about us page, there is no disclaimer page. Just an terms page.

In the terms page they said some important things.

The rankings are based solely on Online Votes. Since top universities will tend to generate more votes, they will usually rank higher. On the other hand, many factors could possibly affect the results such as how big a university is, how many students a university happens to have on our lists, and so on. Large universities will, in general, tend to have more students and thus generate more votes. Note, once again, that the universities ranked here are the most voted Bangladeshi universities in our list, and not necessarily the best. d

They already admitted the top universities will tend to generate more votes! Then why this ranking is needed? And are they true about that statement? Rajshahi University is the second largest universities. So it should stand as second on the list. But not! Why? The main cause is that only a few percentage of students of Rajshahi University gets the opportunity to use internet. On the other hand, almost 100% students of private universities get this opportunity. So we won’t be amazed if we see a private university is ranked as #1. Again National University should have the most students under its affiliated colleges. So, it should be first. But I did not saw them on top 10. Even their full list did not load in my computer.

In the homepage, they said this is a contest among netizens. But according to Projanmo Forum’s post they have wish to publish it on newspaper.

I don’t find any unbiased target of such bogus ranking! But I believe the main reason is not the ranking. I just saw that Mr. Shiplu in Projanmo Forum already uttered what came in my mind after reading above terms in their site.

One of the main reasons may be building a comprehensive database of emails for online marketing and spamming. Through this voting, they will build almost 100% valid email accounts database that they will sell to spammers or Bangladeshi corporates like Brac Bank who like/love/do spamming.

Stop these bullshits!