5th Semester Result

Just one hour ago, the result of our 3rd year, 1st semester exam was published. Monimul sir informed me over mobile. I went to department and moved eyes on the result sheet and looking for roll 7650. Wow :D, I got GPA 3.5 (4 scale). A in three course, A+ in Computer in Business (I was teacher assistant for this course, great experience), B 🙁 in Financial Analysis & Control.

I am very happy with this result though sir told me that I did not get A+ in Statistics only for 1 mark. I got 39. 🙁 The other two course were Cost Accounting II and Financial Management III.

Now my CGPA is 3.38. Trying to make it 3.5 but I don’t know whether I will be able or not bcoz now a days I am very very busy with other stuffs specially PHP Programming.

  • Hmm….
    Good result.
    Good result.

    Wish you all the best.

  • azad

    Good, keep it up, Soory for
    Good, keep it up, Soory for the link trying to pay you.
    hope will resolve soon.

    Goodluck for the rest of the courses.

  • реза(russian)

    i just read u r result. i
    i just read u r result. i think u have to do more good result.thoug i am happy about u r result. ok see a man.reza russia

  • congrats…. and thumbs up
    congrats…. and thumbs up for nice result…