Setting up Remote MySQL in cPanel

Today my client was facing problem to setup a remote mysql connection. He wanted to connect a database which belongs to another server and domain. Its fairly simple. But most of the tasks remains on the remote server.

Suppose, your remote domain/server is and your scripts are running in I assume that you already have a database in the We just need to access it from remote server. Also assuming that your database name is remoteco_main. Note, all databases & also usernames (for database connection) in cPanel are prefixed by your username of cPanel and _ (underscore). So remoteco in remoteco_main is the username of cPanel. So you have a complete database, username & password setup which works on

  • Login to cPanel of
  • Click Manage Remote MySQL Access
  • Enter the IP Address of in the box “Host (% wildcard is allowed):“. It’s the IP address where your is hosted. Usually it is the server shared IP unless you have a dedicated IP address. You can also enter the domain name as Host.
  • Click Add Hosts
  • Now open your database configuration file in In normal cases,the host was localhost.That is you may get the code as $dbhost=’localhost’ or $db_host=’localhost’.
  • Now you need to replace the term localhost with actual domain or IP address. You enter or the IP of as host in the database configuration file.

An Example:


$dbhost=’′; //ip of the you can also put here.

$dbname = ‘remoteco_db’; //database name

$dbuser= ‘remoteco_main’; //user name to access database

$dbpass = ‘123456’; //password of the database


Thats it, you should now be able to connect to your remote mysql server.

  • thanks for the nifty tutorial.
    still confused on how to set up the mysql user.

  • andy

    I am trying to connect remote mysql db from my home. I added my IP address in access list, other parts are the same as you wrote. still I cannot connect to remote db. anyone could help?

  • admin

    What is your IP that you added to mysql remote server? it is highly possible that you are connecting to internet using ISP’s gateway. so that ip needs to be added to mysql server.

    visit and see what is your ip. Add this ip to mysql server. If you still face problem, try to add a range.

    suppose, there u get so you may try adding 204.211.223.* that is a wild card for last part. but remember to delete this after works are done otherwise it may be a security risk.

  • Thanks for the great info but it didn’t work , gives me error :
    can’t connect to MySQL server on “ip adress” . is there solution ??

  • Hai,
    I tried remote mysql from my home webserver with this tutorial but failed
    i try to remote mysql from my home webserver from my hosting server
    I use Appserv in my home webserver, How i add Manage Remote MySQL Access from appserv?
    Please help me

  • exsite

    Thanks, Works perfectly!