Setting multiple homepages in Firefox, Flock and IE7

All you know that we can make any site as our browser’s homepage so that the page is opened automatically when we start the browser. But what is the way when I want to like more than one page to be started along with the browser? Here is the solution.

Internet Explorer 7:
It is easiest one. Click Options from Tools menu. You will see a text box where you can put multiple homepage each in separate line.

Click Ok. Next time you start browser, you will see how it works.

Actually I have done this in Flock. So believe same will work for Firefox too.

Click Tools menu > Options. Options dialog box will open. We need to make change in Startup section.

Choose Show my home page from When Flock starts. In Firefox the line may be When Firefox starts.

We now enter your homepage(s) in Home Page box underneath the previous option. We can put multiple homepage separated by |. Here is the example:||

Thats it. Click Ok. Next time it will open these three pages when Firefox/Flock is started.