Setting Linux as default in rEFIt boot loader

After successfully installing Ubuntu Lucid Lynx on Macbook, I am mostly using it. I only switch to Mac OS to watch movie using the remote control which yet to work on Ubuntu.

However, problem is that Mac OS was default on the rEFIt boot loader. I wanted to make Linux default. After searching the different configuration files, I found what to do.

Boot to Mac OS

From terminal, open /etc/efi/refit/refit.conf file by run the following command:

sudo vi /etc/efi/refit/refit.conf

Now look for something like the following:

# Set the default menu selection.  The available arguments match the<br />
# keyboard accelerators available within rEFIt.  You may select the default<br />
# loader using a one-character abbreviation for the OS name (&quot;M&quot; = Mac OS X,<br />
# &quot;L&quot; = Linux, &quot;W&quot; = Windows).  You may also specify a digit between 1 and<br />
# 9, in which case the Nth loader in the menu will be the default.  You can<br />
# also select a rEFIt tool entry (&quot;S&quot; = EFI Shell, &quot;P&quot; = Partitioning Tool,<br />
# &quot;U&quot; = shutdown).  This is intended as a quick fix to change the default<br />
# boot choice until full configurability arrives.<br />
#<br />
#default_selection L<br />

Notice the last line:

<br />
#default_selection L<br />

Uncomment it and make sure L is set. L stands for Linux. However, it can be W or M too! Just read notes in the file. So you make it:

default_selection L

You are done. Next time Linux will be default selected OS in rEFIt.