Linux Security Tips

Last night I have read two fantastic articles for securing a cPanel server. As I own a cPanel server, these articles were very much important to me.

Though most of the things were already done in our server (as it is managed), these articles helped me very much for improving my knowledgbase. Specially the Public Key Authentication is very important.

May be I am going to manage a fully unmanaged server this week. That will be a great challenge to me.

  • Well i have to say that
    Well i have to say that linux is much more secure then other operating systems because of it command prompt interface

  • hungrycoder

    does it mean that, linux GUI
    does it mean that, linux GUI (gnone, kde) is not secure? If only command prompt means the security, then MS DOS should be most secure ;).

    if linux is secure, so far I understand that is for its architecture and mostly being open source. Millions of eyes can not go wrong :).