Line wrapping is finally available in Netbeans 7.0

Well, if you ask me why I left Netbeans and started using phpStorm; I will say first: Speed, second: Line wrapping along with few other reasons. I’ve used Netbeans for quite sometime but I was very irritated as it did not have good line wrapping support. Some users may wonder why I am saying ‘good’ as it did not have any line wrapping at all.

The fact is that, line wrapping was implemented in earlier versions too but was not enabled by default as it was not stable.  It can be enabled by editing a configuration file but it was causing lots of troubles while coding. However, as the latest version, v7.0, is released on 18th April 2011, line wrapping is now available without any such hacking and so far it is good to me.

How to enable Line Wrapping?

Go to Netbeans  -> Preferences (or press CMD + ,) -> Editor -> Formatting

You will notice a drop down labeled as ‘Line Wrap’. Choose ‘After Words’ or ‘Anywhere’ as per your wish and then hit OK.

That’s it. Simply open a file (opened files need re-opening) and you will not see horizontal scroll-bars :).

Netbeans Linewrapping

Netbeans Linewrapping

  • Sarim Khan

    The post was posted in 22 April, now 27. Hows it working ?

  • I am using Netbeans 6.0 and i was irritate because it has now line wrapping but now i will go for 7.0 because it has line wrapping so it would help me. Thanx to share with us.

  • Netbeans 6.0 tool provides more functionallity but just because of lack of line wrapping i was tired but newest version removed this so i will go for Netbeans 7.0 now. still i use eclipse it work good.

  • I am doing project in Jave using Netbean 6.0 but i have many problems while coding because of there is no line wrapping so i have decide to do coding in netbean 7.0.

  • Ali


    Thanks man…I used Dreamweaver at uni and got used to the line wrapping features. Now that I am not at uni and use netbeans instead, line wrapping was the only thing I really missed :)…Thanks a lot 🙂

  • Finally! Bye Bye Aptana, welcome back, Netbeans.