cPanel: Enable/disable specific webmail application per user

Today, I faced a situation where I need to show single webmail application to cPanel control panel user. Usually there are three (3) webmail clients. These are horde, squirrel mail, roundcube. However, I was advised to make sure that a specific customer does not see more than one specified. I suggested, ‘Enable Autoload’ feature which did work indeed but did not satisfy him. Then I opened a thread in cPanel forum and I got the following solution. That’s is easy. I quote the whole post here.

You can enable and disable webmail applications as per user accounts.

Suppose the username is xyzco for your domain, first login to SSH into the server as root, and edit the file mentioned below:

pico /var/cpanel/users/xyzco

Now, if you want to disable all webmail applications and enable roundcube mail, you would need to add following lines:


Next, you’ll need to restart cPanel, you can normally do this by doing :

/etc/init.d/cpanel restart

Now, when the user xyzco logs into webmail, they only see roundcube mail, and not the other two.

Thanks to thewebhosting for this tip.