Connecting to internet through Bluetooth in Fedora 9 (GP/Aktel/Banglalink/Teletalk/Warid)

I was amazed seeing that using mobile phone as modem in Ubuntu 8.10 is just like learning abc. You just connect a modem using USB cable or Bluetooth and Ubuntu will take care of the rest. The easy and step by step interface is so easy that any novice can configure it too.

But I am mostly Redhat variant user. I use Fedora 9 for my laptop’s OS beside Windows XP. I did not find configuring Bluetooth in Fedora as easy as in Ubuntu. But no worry, its not hard enough. I have found a good tutorial which helped me to configure bluetooth to use internet. If you need help in fully Bangla, please visit this page.

  1. To skip writing sudo before each command, you better login as root.
  2. Connect your Bluetooth Dongle (if you don’t have built in bluetooth support) and enable bluetooth on mobile phone.
  3. Then we need to find out the MAC address of our mobile. So run the following command:
    hcitool scan
  4. This may return result something like:
    00:22:FD:F3:8F:99    HungryCell
  5. So we got the MAC address which is 00:22:FD:F3:8F:99. It will differ in your case.
  6. Now we need to know the channel number for Dialup Internet Service in our mobile. So run the following command:
    sdptool search DUN | grep Channel
  7. You will get something like Channel: 1. It may be channel 2 or any other number too.
  8. We got MAC and channel. Now we will configure our device. Run
    # gedit /etc/bluetooth/rfcomm.conf
  9. Add the following contents inside the file. Replace the bold part according our retreived values.

    rfcomm0 {
    bind yes;
    device your-phone-mac-address;
    channel your-phone-rfcomm-channel;
    comment “Bluetooth PPP Connection”;

  10. According to our previous retrieved values, our settings should be like:
    rfcomm0 {
    bind yes;
    device 00:22:FD:F3:8F:99;
    channel 1;
    comment “Bluetooth PPP Connection”;
  11. Save the file and exit.
  12. Now we need to create Dialup Connection. Run:
    gedit /etc/wvdial.conf
  13. Put the following contents in the file and exit after saving the file:
    [Dialer bluetooth]
    Modem = /dev/rfcomm0
    Baud = 460800
    Dail Command = ATDT
    Init1 = ATZ
    Init2 = ATQ0 V1 E1 S0=0 &C1 &D2 +FCLASS=0
    Init3 = AT+CGDCONT=1,”IP”,”APN”
    Phone = *99#
    Username = xyz
    Password = xyz
  14. You must replace the APN with appropriate Access Point Number of your ISP.
  15. Now its time to dial. Run the following command:
    wvdial bluetooth
  16. If everything goes well, then it will connect you to internet :).

Any update, correction, modification and suggestion is appreciated.