MySQL starting failed!

Today one of my junior friend asked me to help with his new VPS. He was in trouble that his mysql server was not starting up. After logging in the server, I saw the problem. It was showing:

Timeout error occurred trying to start MySQL Daemon.
Starting MySQL:                                            [FAILED]

I tried many ways. But none worked. Later, thought, I can rebuild the VPS as it is new VPS.

I astonished rebuilding also did not solve the issue. Still getting the same error. Then I thought I should see the error log which I should have seen earlier.

After reading the error log, I found that the error was related to InnoDB. Huh! I got it. I was confident that then disabling InnoDB should solve the problem. Then I opened the /etc/my.cnf and disabled the InnoDB by writing skip-innodb and again restarted MySQL server. Wow, its started like  a charm!

So if you get such problem, try disabling InnoDB. But always remember to check the log file (usually /var/log/mysqld.log) very first.