When disaster gives peace!

Today around 3.55PM, a few members of Projanmo Forum poked me on messenger. However, I was too much busy that I could not reply! When a minute later, Jobaer Shuman, another adminstrator of Projanmo Forum called me, two users are poking on IM. I was sure something happened with Projanmo! I entered its address on browser and then received his call. The page loaded and he said the news at a time that projanmo, (including some other of its subdomain) is hacked.

I did not surprise as I know there may be a few entry points as recent few months there were lacks of care by me! And I was not worried about that my server provider WiredTree has very good backup system! However, I was wrong. When I contacted them, they said the CDP was not working for a few days and even they were not aware of that! In WHT, it is always said When you loss your data, your data center does too! I always thought it won’t be true for WiredTree! Yes, I am fool that I fully trusted and relied on them!

However, my cPanel backup was two days old. And my remote backup is down for time being. Yesterday I purchased a vps for remote backup that was supposed to be configured and ready tonight! But the worse moment happened before that 🙁 So, I did not have any alternative rather than restoring 2 days old backup!

From that moment, I was worried that my community users will virtually slap me when they will see that their two days data are missing. Immediately after that forum is online, Saif created a thread on this issue and I was more terrified. But now I am not terrified anymore. I am now emotional and really I am feeling proud of our community!

Rather than blaming or slapping, all users are now raising their voice against hacking and they are happy to get Projanmo back online even though they lost their posts, topics and reputations!

The people who says Projanmo is small, let me say you ‘Yes, we are a small family, a real family indeed. Do you have such a family?’

BTW, I am working on keeping more frequent database backup. Thanks to hacker/script kiddie for awakening us!