Vuvuzela – The Symbol of Noise!

Vuvuzela - The symbol of Noise!

During the first match of 2010 Fifa World Cup between South Africa and Mexico, I heard some strange sound around me. The sound seemed like sound from a huge collection of bees. So I started looking around if is there any such bee swarm around our house. But, after changing the channel, the sound gone, it was from the television. I started checking all other channels and found no channel has any disturbance. So, no problem with our cable connection. Later, I told this to my elder brother to talk to cable operators as I believed it is their fault. However, on next day, after coming to my eldest brother’s house, I experienced same during football match. So, now I became sure, it is from the telecasting end! Still, I was wondering whats should it could be! The sound of crowed would never be like this. As I did not find any way to stop it, I dropped watching many matches  as the sound is really horrible.

The surprising is today I see lots of tweets regarding this and after reading those tweets I came to know what the hell this is! I found an facebook group against it and I joined without delay to raise voice to stop it.

Few minutes ago, I googled ‘vuvuzela’ and found a link to Fifa’s site where they said:

Vuvuzela: a symbol of South Africa

But I am highly glad to say “correction please! it will be”

Vuvuzela: a symbol of noise  for world

most interesting someone also edited the main wiki article regarding this. wanna see what he put there? click the image below :P.

I humbly request FIFA and the organizer of South Africa, please stop the immediately during matches and kindly let us watch the football matches without muting our TV sound.