Speak your own language

Today is the age of Open Source. There is a win win situation everywhere for open source. Search the web, you will get a thousands of benefits about open source. But what you may not get is:

I strongly believe “Open source increases the passion to mother language”. How?

I never thought or never dreamt of developing a Bangla/Bengali (my mother language) forum engine. But when I got familiarity with open source, once I thought, why not I translate a forum engine to my own language? I love my mother language, so doing such will surely be real pleasure. Then I started translating punBB engine which is hosted in http://forum.projanmo.com. Its world’s first Unicode complaint fully Bangla Forum. I was also inspired to choose punBB from www.somewhereinforum.net. It is truly world’s first bangla forum but translated in ASCII. Now day night I work for Projanmo Forum which is ultimately work for my mother language, I think at leat ;). I really feel excited when I think, may be very small but I am doing something real cool for my mother language. It may be decimal in billions, but still not zero!

This is the story of myself. But it may be similar for a lots of people. Thousands of developers are working to translate open source applications to their own mother language. In practical world, I think, developers are a bit introvert. I am not telling about all and its fully my own thinking. They don’t go rally on mother language day, on victory day etc. They are not doing job in govt. decision making zone to promote their mother language. So by localizing, they are contributing to their mother language. That is, open source has given a chance to such introvert peoples to do something for their mother language :-).

The localization ultimately promotes Open Source, Mother Language in computing and in internet. When we combine such little contributions of lots of people, we will surely get something amazing 😀 for our country, our language and our nation and for mankind :D.

So happy localizing ;).