Everybody knows about Google Ads (Adwords & Adsense) which is very much popular specially for relevant ads and good payment. Currently, Google serves ads in predetermined formats. Google serves various ads formats to fit in individual site. But to me its often not enough. Specially, when I want freedom to control the display of ads on my site. So, I think, RSS Ads can be solution.

RSS Ads:
I think it should not be a very critical matter. Google can serve ads same way a RSS Feed serves contents. When I request ads to Google I should also have freedom of keyword suggestion (specially for languages other than English) and number of links to display(upto a certain limit). Sometimes keywords suggestion may be messy. The website may be about high school education and the keywords are on web hosting. So, it should also be protected somehow. Or keywords suggestion feature may be enabled for special publisher.

When they provide Ads via RSS, they publisher has the freedom to use those ads as he wish (matching to policies).

I am requesting:,primary+education&links=2

The result will be like this:
Ads by Google
Description 1

Link 1 URL 1

Description 1

Link 1 URL 1

Then I can use this ads anywhere I like. Hurray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a freedom.

Also CDATA can be use for Image/Flash ads.