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Long ago I left Somewhereinblog, bangladesh’s pioneer blog site, due to extreme abuse of it. I have observed that a group of people always abuse there by their words. But surprisingly, the authority was not so much proactive for that. It may be, it was their out of capacity to read individual post and prune.

Yesterday, I went again to SWI blog (SWIB) to see what new features they added. Seeing posts at their homepage, I was astonished. The bloggers demanded the ban of Razakr (The pakistani allies during 1971 war). Yeah, I would congratulate those bloggers, if they raised such demand to the Govt. But I dont find any sensible reason, why they are urging a business firm (i meant Somewherein later called SWI). Its not duty of SWI to discriminate Razakar and General people/Freedom fighter. Even, they should not dare to do it. Its a national phenomenon. An individual or business firm has no right to do that too unless exclusively authorized by proper authority.

Yesterday, I meet a journalist. He told me “Raju vy, the condition of SWIB is not good. I had to stop writing as some members are urging me to stop writing to strengthen the demand”. I told him, “I have seen this today monring. But my question is: Are you afraid of the Razakar? If not, fight against them using your pen (here by blog post). You are cowered if you demand to ban them by an blogsite. The Razakars are posting, you also post. Show your argument, fight against them, dont compromise with them. Banning is not the solution here until you pull out the root. Demanding banning means that you are weak, so you are looking for someone’s help”.

Surprising he replied me that “If I continue to write those people (the people who are demanding banning of Razakar) will also make me Razakar”. :-O I told the answer remains in your sentence.

Dear reader of this post, I believe you understand what the real meaning of his sentence is :(!  Whether you are a Freedom Fighter or Razakar, you must be Razakar if you dont comply/agree with those people :(.

I humbly request to those bloggers, please come on road, demand it to the Govt. if you really want to ban the Razakar from the country. Its really not a job of a firm/individual and also we can not do it solely.

  • No comment needed, I think.
    No comment needed, I think.

  • Fredom to Pakistan People
    Fredom to Pakistan People

  • Somewhereinblog is really
    Somewhereinblog is really the pioneer in BD. I like their concepts. Go on!

  • You should be able to write
    You should be able to write what you feel passionate about. I found this post to be very interesting. I agree, no you can not do it alone.

  • I agree! one has the right
    I agree! one has the right to express his or her opinion and should have freedom to do so, as long as it is not on the expense of other.

  • Exactly – thats what a blog should be all about. IF you believe you are right, have a head to head debate, on paper (blog) and show both sides of the argument instead of discriminating or banning altogether. Banning makes it seem you have no real argument.

  • Do you think recent Indo-Pak confusion should be sorted with peace, may be new topic for you to write… actually Its proved that Pak have some terrorists located at remote area.. what you think where Goverment lacks think think…

    Matt from,

  • iQuazi

    If Razakar means traitor; Hasina, Khaleda, Ershad all are razakar. They betrayed the country’s interest so many times…..