Is this starting…

The American Navy started their mission to help the SIDR affected areas. On fresh eyes, its nice and the American defence is so kind that they come to Bangladesh to help Bangladeshi poor people those are severely affected by cyclone named “SIDR”. But who knows….America (may be our govt. too) have some long term plans regarding this.

America need some control on Bay of Bengal area for various reason, everybody knows it. So, they are trying to enter Bangladesh in many alternative ways. This cyclone might have been given them a golden opportunity.

So, far I remember the Ship that is sent from America, started its Journey just day after the incident. So, question may be arise, “Was america ready for the shipping before the incident?”. Its no doubt that the whole team and ship can’t be ready by one day. So there were preparation from earlier the incident. Even we did not hear anywhere that they have any discussion with the govt. to sent the relief team to Bangladesh. Moreover, the govt. did not want any help from International allies to help the victims until recently. But the US navy started their journey before everything.

I am not politics, i am not critics, I am a simple patriot. The things, I forsee, is not much happier for us as well as for the South (India, China etc). America needed some reason. SIDR gave him that. So they entered the country. I believe their is reason to believe that this is just a starting….

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