Hate Monopoly !!! Need more search engines

I believe, many people will write negative comments against me if I say something against Google. But being my personal blog, I still must say what I think.

I am a great fan of Google, specially google search and gmail.

I was a big of MSN too. But switched due to excessive irrelevant search result. Google gives better or best. Again, gmail for not any big ads and conversation like messages. Space was a big issues earlier but not now.

I also use Google Adsense in many of my websites. But it never mean that, I found it to be a good money making machine. I used Adsense only for not taking hassle of corporate ads. another reason Adsense give relevant ads, which often make sites worthy.

But recently, after Microsoft’s offer to Yahoo, I was thinking regarding upcoming monopoly in this field. I was sure, market competition will decline if Microsoft takes Yahoo!. In future, new competitor may not get much confidence to start a new biz which will compete with these two Giants. I meant Microsoft and Google.

Recently I was shocked, that the market is still almost in monopoly by Google. Reading, many webmasters guidelines and TOS/Policies of google in some of their services, I have seen that Google is forcing to webmasters act as they (Google) want. They are threatening the webmasters to follow their guidelines otherwise they will remove the sites from their index. In case of Adsense, they will not serve ads if the webmasters does not obey their rules. In many cases, it may be okey for Adsense. But I found some terms, will is direct threat and offense.

For example:

Sites showing Google ads may not contain pop-ups ...

I would not mind, if they would say about automated
pop-ups. But in many cases, the webmaster may
need to use pop-up window when user clicks on something.

A site or third party cannot display our ads,
search box, search results, or referral buttons
as a result of the actions of any software
application such as a toolbar.

Then what Firefox, Opera is doing? Are not they showing google ads with search result? Then how Conduit.com is making & sharing money? Is Google sleeping…?

These are the restrictions of Adsense. I pointed only two but found a bit more. In many cases, its tolerable as they are paying for it. So, publisher may have to follow their guide lines. But, my question to Google: “From where you earn?” Your big earnings come from Ads brokering. So, be respectful to publishers and surely for advertisers.

In case of ordinary search results, Google’s mastery is not acceptable. You read Google’s webmaster Guideline here:http://www.google.com/support/webmasters/bin/answer.py?answer=35769#quality

May be there are some good tips. But how you feel when you read lines like…

your site may be removed from the Google index,
and will not appear in search results pages

I don’t feel well. If my sites contents are deceptive or irrelevant, then its his own duty to show links in later result pages.

I strongly believe, Search Engines are developed for websites. But websites are not develop for search engines. So Google or any search engine should follow what the webmasters do. I strongly criticize some places I found Google’s information statement. ‘Don’t do it!’ or ‘Do it’. Are they enough gentle?

Whatever you say, Google is right or wrong from his part, I say, we need more Search Engine. We should not use only Google. I believe, you will at least agree with me, “The more competition, the better service we get”. So, break the monopoly of Google, Yahoo and MSN/Micrsoft or any other monopoly. Help developing strong competition.

The 2007 was a year of acquisition and merger. 2008 have shown the biggest sign (though not succeeded finally, i am saying about Microsoft & Yahoo). Acquisition may seem to be well to employees, companies and shareholders. But almost cases, not good from user’s viewpoint. So, the more competition in market, the best service we expect to get.
“Did Yahoo give you unlimited email storage if Gmail is not evolve?” or “Would GrameenPhone reduce their cost of Tk. 1.5 if BanglaLink did not come in market?”