cPanel 11.24 VPS Optimized(?)

Yesterday I have got the mail from cPanel about some changes in cPanel. Though the changes were applied in CURRENT & EDGE tree, yesterday they entered into RELEASE tree. As I use RELEASE tree I have immediately updated the cPanel’s version. I have monitored the server almost whole day.

They claimed they have released the second version of VPS Optimized which saves 12-15MB RAM. But at what cost?

I am monitoring one of my VPSes from yesterday. Still I am observing that the server load is consistently more than double than before. So, did they save memory at cost of CPU? Usually my VPS’s load always (except special tasks like backup) remained under 1.0 and mostly below 0.6. But now it is always more than 1.5 and mostly 2.0+.

In VPS arena, RAM is easily upgradeable but not the CPU. Many company provides equal CPU share. So, when needed, we can upgrade the RAM but can’t upgrade the CPU share easily and cost effectively.

So, I am really frustrated with this version of cPanel.

  • Upgrading alone should not cause this increase in CPU utilization.

    If you have switched to Dovecot after the upgrade, please note for the initial 24-48 hours after switching to Dovecot, CPU utilization may be higher than normal as Dovecot optimizes itself for your system.

    If you are still using Courier or this increased CPU utilization persists, please allow our technical analysts to take a look at your server so we can diagnose the cause of the increased CPU utilization for you. You can contact our technical analysts at:

  • admin

    hello david,
    thanks for comment. i appreciate it. actually I yet not switched to Dovecot though I planned. But I was not sure how much it will save/use extra CPU. Personally I like Dovecot but non cPanel server.

    I even experienced load 13 which is usually 0.5 – 1.5 (before upgrading to 11.24) After getting too load, I switched my tree to Stable as 11.24 is yet to enter that tree and I changed upgrade option from Automatic to Manual. I. Anyway after switching to Stable tree, the load is reduced a bit but not significantly (or not even like its previous state).

    Thanks for your information. I will open a ticket with you and discuss further there.

  • Hello,

    I am curious as to which VPS provider you are using that does not allow CPU to scale easily or cost effectively.

    We utilize VMWare for our VPS services and we are able to dynamically or (and depending on the OS) even able to hotplug additional CPU’s.

    All of our cPanel VPS servers are running very efficiently and maintain very low server load averages (CPU is relatively untaxed).

    Good luck!
    Josh Abts

  • admin

    thanks for your comment. I was using WiredTree during that time.

    They allocate CPU as fair share (which is often confusing to me). But I never faced any CPU overusages problem with WiredTree that I was facing frequently with other providers specially creativevps (creatively rubbish).

    I monitored the CPU usages spike, immediately after releasing of the VPS Optimized. However, everything is stable and nice now.