Are we ready with Internet Payment systems in Bangladesh?

On 8th June 2010, I have written a blog about the Introduction of Internet Payment in Bangladesh by Dutch Bangla Bank. On 3rd June 2010, they have introduced Internet Payments system in Bangladesh through their gateway where they could process Nexus, Visa and Master Cards. Along with international cards they could process cards those are valid only in Bangladesh. That was a great lift for our e-commerce.

However, as DBBL changes engine while they run, they are possibly unable to attract the market. As a result, 2 days ago Brac Bank also introduced  internet payment and they also saying they are first time in country. What a fun even in front of governor who also endorse same!

After I knew about DBBL introduction of internet payments, I contacted them. With several efforts to contact a right person, I got one who sought for a written proposal along with my company info, purpose of usages and so on. I immediately sent them via email (as per their instructions) and it is the epic is now several months old. I never heard from them. I even don’t know whether whether my application was accepted or rejected or even someone read that or not.

The reason why I did not also contact them further is on that time I came to know about an organization (SSL Wireless) who are working to build a payment gateway that will accept multiple banks’ cards! That was a great excitement for me as I, like lots of others, was longing it for long.

I’ve been introduced to them by Farid Vy of After lots of discussions, this month I’ve signed up a contract with them. However, within a week of contract, I started believing that I signed up the contract early! Their application is yet to be ready for live (though they are live)!

In coming days, I will write a detail post regarding their implementation of gateway including pros and cons of their gateway.

Good luck till then!

  • SAM Harun

    is there any more information regarding payment gateway implementation? Please let me know.. I need this for Bangladesh..


  • Shakib

    Harun, other than and you will not find much in the Internet.

    – Shakib

  • The HungryCoder

    I tried sslcommerz and I feel I just wasted 5500tk as signup fee and my time to integrate it! Sucks!

  • Daniel

    I enjoyed the way you described many things. my question to you is how is the header of this mobile site made? I am doing a site in jquery mobile but i don’t know how to make a menu like that. take care. all the best.we should hear just good news.

  • Daniel

    Please tell me by email if you can help.