Workshops on Photography – PhotoJAMM – April 2010 organized by PhographyBD

Today I had passed a busy day. At 9.00 am I headed for Dhaka University campus. However, I had to walk most of the path 🙁 as the traffic system disallowed vehicles to the spot for comfortable movements of huge huge crowd. I became lazy and took a few shots only as it was too crowded for photography!

Afternoon, at 3.00pm,  I headed to Elephant Road for the Workshop on Photography. It started at huge late. But when it started, it was getting awesome every moments.

Basically, I was the only novice there. All others were advanced photographers. However, they were so friendly and helpful. The main topic was on Depth of Field. Earlier this workshop, I have read many articles, tutorials, blogs on Depth of Field but I could never take it inside of my brain. However, today’s one was exceptional. I believe now I am very confident about Depth of Field of Photography. I made some questions fearing they will treat me as jerk. I wondered, they did not do that. They explained all of my questions in very friendly manner.

The second session of the workshop was about Criticism of photos. A few of us brought photos that were apprised and criticized as per their merit. I can’t believe any criticism can be such friendly and detail!

I have also brought 3 photos. Experts has given their comments, advices and suggestions on my photos that will help me taking better snaps and in post shots processing.

The 3rd session was general questions and answers. Anyone can ask anything regarding photography.

I am very excited that such workshops are going to be arranged biweekly. It means, more great learnings on coming days!

Participated in Workshop titled “IT Project Management”

I just returned home after completing a workshop titled “IT Project Management” which is organized by bdjobs. It was a day long workshop that was started from 9am and continued till 5pm. The workshop was conducted by Mr. Fahim Bhuiyan who is currently serving as a Manager in a leading strategy and technology consulting firm in the United States.

The whole day we have learned many fundamental to medium level concepts of Project Management (PM) and did many practical works. The workshop was conducted group wise as PM itself is a group work. We have formed 7 groups and carried out many objectives given by the conductor.

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Just not a certificate, but something more…

On april 10, 2008 I have participated in a debate workshop titled ‘Workshop on Debate and Presentation”. The workshop was organized by Business Studies Faculty Debating Forum (BFDF) in association with Bangladesh Debate Federation (BDF). The two days workshop was held in the Dean Complex Auditorium of Rajshahi University.

Some legend person of debate in Bangladesh, has presented theory, principles and practices of debate. Mr. Bulbul Ahmed, former president of BDF presented the session about fundamental knowledge of debate. Later, Mrs. Richi, another national debater & former General Secretary of BDF, presented the session about presentation during debate. She described and showed how to present the speech in a formal and nice Continue reading →