host your blog anywhere, using this 10 line proxy script

Just now Hasin Hayder, author of multiple books, has published a blog post how to host any blog virtually anywhere you wish. Using this simple script, you can host any blog in your own domain.

He wrote a simple proxy script and some codes in .htaccess file. Then the proxy script will fetch all contents from your original blog and show in your site.

Suppose, you have a blog in which URL is Using this script, you can host this same blog to somewhere like

The script does not yet support commenting. Currently it will redirect you to original blog for comment. But the author has just confirmed me that he will implement this part very soon.

For details, visit Hasin Hayder’s Blog

WordPress filter posts in homepage…

It happened to me that I have published a post in my blog. But for some reason I don’t like it to be displayed in homepage. So I was finding a solution but end with no result.

So I have developed a quite small plugin to do serve same purpose. Installation is simple. Just activate from Plugins section of WordPress administration area after you unzip the file in plugins directory. That means the files will be inside hil directory inside plugins directory. No adjustments needed in template.

After installing the plugin, a new column Hide in Homepage will be added in the Manage Posts section. Initially you should see the cross icon. That means no post is hidden. Now if you want to hide a post, simply click on the icon. The icon will be changed to tick mark mentioning that post is hidden. If you want to unhide it, again click on the tick. Thats it.

Very simple and sexy! Isn’t it?

Download 1.0beta

Tested with 2.6 & 2.5.1 only! Bug reposts and suggestions are very much welcome :).

WordPress Read Counter Plugin

WordPress Read/Hit Counter Plugin

When WordPress was in 1.5x tree, I have designed a WordPress theme. But I did not ever made a plugin for it though I have studied much on the plugin development system. Actually it was not needed. Every time I need something, I get it online :-). But today I thought I should have some hands on experience on WordPress Plugin Development.

So I started with a very simple plugin. Its a hit counter. I think, there may have a lot of, even nicer, such plugins for WordPress. But still I made my one. Its v0.5 release. Continue reading →

Integrating zencart with your CMSes

Should I tell you what Zen Cart is? I don’t think it is needed. Still if there is really someone who never heard about Zen Cart, the following lines are quoted for you from Zen Cart’s website :

Zen Cart™ truly is the art of e-commerce; free, user-friendly, open source shopping cart software. The ecommerce web site design program is being developed by group of like-minded shop owners, programmers, designers, and consultants that think ecommerce web design could be and should be done differently.

So you now know that Zen Cart is a fantastic shopping cart system which is free and freedom, implies open source. Using Zen Cart you can develop a fully professional e-commerce website without hassle. Please visit official website to dig more of it. Continue reading →

Return to wordpress

Long ago I have moved to Drupal from WordPress due to its lack of features. But the 2.5x series of wordpress is so cool that I could not but re-migrate to wordpress from Drupal.

The main drawback I faced while using Drupal is speed. Drupal used to load too slowly. Again, I found current features of wordpress enough for me. So, after more than 3 days of effort, I could migrate to WordPress.

There are still many things that I need to update yet. Wish to do very soon.