Two Pitfalls of Windows Hibernation

Recently I am have been facing two common problems by using Windows Hibernation feature. When Windows XP came to the market, I was excited to see this feature. It was really helpful for me. But now a days, I have to use it more frequently than ever.

First pitfall:
I am working with so many (5-10 programs) at a time. Browsing opening more than 10 websites (in firefox). All of a sudden electricity goes! I wanted to Hibernate the PC keeping as it as. I have some text pending to post in forum, or even I have unsaved document in Word, unsaved graphics works in Photoshop etc. But later, I went out for some reason. Someone in my home open the computer and the computer is restored from the hibernate session. Since my computer is shared, my account is locked with password. The person now opening in front of computer, logins to his account using his own username & password. After completing his/her tasks, he/she now shut downs the computer. Windows will just give an alert that some other people is logged in to the computer. But its about 90% sure that the person will proceed to shutdown ignoring the message and I LOST EVERYTHING. Continue reading →

Fedora Transformation Pack

Just few minutes ago I came to know about Fedora Transformation Pack. Earlier, I did use Vista Transformation Pack which is used to give Windows XP some Vista look. But this pack gives a different looks. It gives you Fedora look hence Linux look.

If you are a Fedora/Linux fan you may try it.

The download link is here: