Mail with attachment from Shell

Today, for a specific need, I had to work with logwatch. After setting up logwatch, I needed to check the logwatch reports. But I can’t wait for it to mail me at next mailing time. But I can generate the report to see on screen by

logwatch –print

But it was too big! So, I redirected the output to a file by running:

logwatch –print > logwatch.txt

But still I am not comfortable reading such a big file from shell. So I thought to mail it. I wondered how! If I am not wrong, mail command can’t send attachment. Even I did not found anything in manual of mail command. So, started googling. I came to know about Mutt. After using it I see it is awesome and very easy. Continue reading →

Finding a hosting company…

Hosting a website is getting complex day by day. Isn’t it? Wonder why I am saying it is complex while there are thousands (may be millions) of companies providing web hosting at various price, quality, packages? Answer is the number. There are too many companies in web hosting. So it is always becomes very tough to find a right hosting company to host your site and/or application. If you don’t have your own list of good hosts, you will surely be in problem while choosing a company.

But in internet there are also some websites to facilitate your research for choosing a hosting company. One of them is 4 Cheap Web Hosting. It’s a hosting classified website. In this site, you can search hosting companies within your budget. You can choose your monthly budget, space required and platform. In advance search (power search here) you can set extensive criterions.  Then it will show a list matching packages against your given criterions. You can compare the packages and companies from the list.

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No look back to

Long ago I have written a review about My today’s review is almost reverse of previous one. Click here to see my first review about

My that review should go his museum now. Last month I again have bought a VPS from Their service and support was just rubbish. As I claimed in first review that their network speed is not good, it is worse now. I could not get it solved by even several mails. Moreover revealed their stupid customer service.

In previous review, I also told about their slow customer support. Most probably their averag response time is now reduced with some stupid answers like ‘our admin will check the issue and let you know’.

When I complained this issue in WHT, another user confirmed the same problems.

So I through out from my favorites list. If you are thinking of buying from them, think more before you smile seeing good reviews about them. Check the timestamps of those reviews.

Easy Control Nginx!



Recently I am trying to learn managing nginx web server. Most probably it is going to take the place of Apache or at least seat beside Apache. The main benefit Nginx is claimed to be low memory footprint.

So far I have configured three VPS with nginx (also mysql & php). But every time I felt uneasy to start and stop the service as it can’t be started or stopped as ordinary service call.

For example:

To start apache/httpd we write:

service httpd start

But to start Nginx we have to write:


[I assume that Nginx is installed in default directory]

Again to stop apache, we write:

service httpd stop

But in case of Nginx:

kill -9 `cat /usr/local/nginx/logs/`


killall -9 nginx

Today I thought to make it a bit easier. So after mining the internet, I have made a small script to take care of start, stop, restart and check the status of Nginx. I am new to shell scripting.

How to implement it?

  1. I expect your Nginx installation is completed successfully and you can start/stop the server using the earlier methods.
  2. Download this file
  3. Store the file in /sbin/ as nginx. So that path of this file will be /sbin/nginx
  4. Chmod it to 744 by calling:
    chmod 744 /sbin/nginx
  5. You are done.

Now to start the server:

nginx start

Stopping the server:

nginx stop

Restarting the server:

nginx restart

Checking Status:

nginx status

Hope you like it :).

So, any suggestion is