Ruby and MongoDB Web Development Beginner’s Guide Review

I remember the days when I’ve used MongoDB  in simple Ruby on Rails (RoR) project using Mongoid. It’s so simple to use MongoDB with RoR without knowing much about it. While using MongoDB, as a project requirement, I became more interested about it and decided to dig more. The moment I wanted to learn more about it, I found the book Ruby and MongoDB Web Development written by Gautam Rege. Thank goes to my colleague Rubayeet Islam, who suggested me this book. When I started reading it, I started feeling at home as I’ve already familiar with several Ruby/Rails/MongoDB concepts that I’ve learned during my works. However, here is my overall feelings about the book.

The first four chapters of the books talks solely about MongoDB. You will learn how to install it, run it, query it, use complex queries etc. and all of these using the default mongodb client.

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jQuery Mobile: Part 1 – Making your first mobile page

Happy days are coming soon as jQuery Mobile 1.0 is already in Beta 2 phase which is going to enter Beta 3 in, probably, next month and then to Release Candidates (RC). However, the current state of jQuery Mobile is very well qualified for playing. So, I wish to write some beginner level blog posts as I discover it. If you find any mistake, error and/or you have any suggestion, please feel free to notify me.

Today we will see how to create first page with jQuery Mobile 1.0 Beta 2. We will see other things in near future, may be :P.

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Some happy days with

Its a bit comparative review between WiredTree and has added itself to my favorite hosting company list by its own quality. After owning a dedicated server in WiredTree, I was needed to buy a VPS. That time WiredTree VPS was very expensive. After researching a lot, I have found I have taken their Xmas offer. Really, I enjoyed with time with them. But I had to leave them only because they don’t have proactive support. I have again purchased a VPS from WiredTree (Taking an lifetime promo). Last month, my zone VPS is expired. But I still feel that server :-p. It was a real cool server. The performance of the server was much better than my current server in WiredTree. I faced some slow network issues in zone. I faced same in WiredTree too which I did not expected. Anyway to me uptime, performance and support is most crucial things. I happily give higher marks than WiredTree in case of first two. The server was much faster then my current and server was not down in my 3 months life. As complained many times (in even WHT), their support was (may not is) slow. Continue reading →