Connecting to internet through Bluetooth in Fedora 9 (GP/Aktel/Banglalink/Teletalk/Warid)

I was amazed seeing that using mobile phone as modem in Ubuntu 8.10 is just like learning abc. You just connect a modem using USB cable or Bluetooth and Ubuntu will take care of the rest. The easy and step by step interface is so easy that any novice can configure it too.

But I am mostly Redhat variant user. I use Fedora 9 for my laptop’s OS beside Windows XP. I did not find configuring Bluetooth in Fedora as easy as in Ubuntu. But no worry, its not hard enough. I have found a good tutorial which helped me to configure bluetooth to use internet. If you need help in fully Bangla, please visit this page. Continue reading →

About Internet using Mobile Phone

Quite often I see posts about “how to setup internet in mobile phone?” like questions. I have answered the details several times specially in ict_of_bangladesh group. As this is happening quite often, I think its better to write up it here and give everyone this link to follow.

I am user of GP’s EDGE Service. So I only know about GP’s configuration. I will tell about it here now. Will try to add others in future.

Internet Packages:
Now GP offers 3 Internet Package naming P1, P2 and P3.
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