cPanel 11.24 VPS Optimized(?)

Yesterday I have got the mail from cPanel about some changes in cPanel. Though the changes were applied in CURRENT & EDGE tree, yesterday they entered into RELEASE tree. As I use RELEASE tree I have immediately updated the cPanel’s version. I have monitored the server almost whole day.

They claimed they have released the second version of VPS Optimized which saves 12-15MB RAM. But at what cost?

I am monitoring one of my VPSes from yesterday. Still I am observing that the server load is consistently more than double than before. So, did they save memory at cost of CPU? Usually my VPS’s load always (except special tasks like backup) remained under 1.0 and mostly below 0.6. But now it is always more than 1.5 and mostly 2.0+.

In VPS arena, RAM is easily upgradeable but not the CPU. Many company provides equal CPU share. So, when needed, we can upgrade the RAM but can’t upgrade the CPU share easily and cost effectively.

So, I am really frustrated with this version of cPanel.

Creative VPS :: Creative(!) Business Idea

During the first week of november, visiting WHT I have seen that Creative VPS has an incredible VPS deal (Halloween promotion)! That is really an attractive offer. I instantly signed up with them on Nov 5. I got the account details on Nov 8 :-O. Even I just received webmin access (i requested its installation during order). I did not get formal account account info mail. I got that after asking 3 times even 3-4 days later. Anyway, i could login to webmin and shell using that info and prepared the server and moved a forum there. I was very much happy seeing the performance. After 2/3 days later, at morning I have seen that mysql is stopped. I started it. Same happened for next day too. I again started it and install monit to monitor its activity. Surprise was waiting for next day morning. I see that my site is not coming. I failed to login in shell. Then logged in to VZCP and see the container is off :-O. I started it. After a few mins, I received a email telling that CPU abuse from my VPS and offering to purchase server management. This is first time I heard for any VPS. Seems that I am in a shared hosting. Being VPS I should have separate partition of everything. Moreover, the site the VPS service is not anything intense. It was running fine with more 90+ domains in a VPS with WiredTree. The vps load remains below 1 most of the time. Continue reading →

Thumb up zipservers

My last VPS review was almost negative which was about Wowvps. No worry! Now some smile! Its not a negative review. But I should have given this review first as I tested before buying from wowvps (second time).

I had a promo of zipservers for first month. So it was a great opportunity to test the server at low cost. I ordered a VPS without any delay. I got the account information. Started configuring the server and used the server about a month. I have hosted a site that have monthly 2million+ hits.

I was very happy with them as their server is excellent. Performance was fast, network speed was superb. Most probably support response time is not up to the mark. Also their mails’ format is not eye friendly.

Whatsoever, the main parts of the service were very satisfactory. You may find their server a bit expensive comparing others. But I think they deserve priority if we care about quality.

I added them up in my trust list and surely back to them in future when needed

WowVPS :: Just Weird

So I had two experience with After the both experience my single word decision is “just ignore them”.

First experience was a few months ago. I have purchased a VPS for one of my senior friends to learn WHM. They claimed that cPanel runs well on their all VPS. So after activation, getting this confirmation, I told them to order cPanel. They installed it taking a quite long time. But I could not do anything in cPanel. Even could not rebuild the apache. So, when I complain it and I told I will write about this bad experience in WHT, they offered me free RAM upgrade to 256MB.  I know cPanel does need 256MB but I don’t know why they claimed such and they installed in 128MB! So from next month, I did not renew the service with them.

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MySQL starting failed!

Today one of my junior friend asked me to help with his new VPS. He was in trouble that his mysql server was not starting up. After logging in the server, I saw the problem. It was showing:

Timeout error occurred trying to start MySQL Daemon.
Starting MySQL:                                            [FAILED]

I tried many ways. But none worked. Later, thought, I can rebuild the VPS as it is new VPS.

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Projanmo Forum got a new home!

Yep! Its true! Projanmo Forum is now getting young. It need some dedicated space & privacy. Now it should not share the same room with others :-). So, today it got a home of its own.

I have purchased a new VPS for Projanmo Forum. Today at 3.35PM I have completed migration of all databases & files to its new home. Migration was almost seamless because I have performed trial migration twice. A minor mistake was that I forget to allow override causing .htaccess was not working. After confirming that everything looks fine I have given the announcement and scheduled a downtime. The downtime was about 30 minutes.

I know Projanmo Community missed their beloved forum for 30 minutes. But they enjoyed the sacrifice for the betterment of the Forum. Thanks to all Projanmo Forum members for always participating in the forum and continuously inspiring me to do something.