Looking back… (Part 1)

Today I sat in the last exam of my BBA (Hons) degree; that means my BBA is almost completed. Just waiting for the Viva though on 30th June, I have to face the Viva-voce. A milestone is achieved.

I may not participate in MBA in University of Rajshahi. I will try to admit somewhere in Dhaka or abroad.

I have admitted in Rajshahi University in 2003. From 15 March, 2003 our classes started. According to schedule I should have finished by March 2007. But yes session jam took more than 1 year of our lives. But still thanks Allah that the new batches are not cursed by this black session jam. We have fight most to eliminate the session jam. Lights did not shed us but our followers. We are happy for this though. Continue reading →