Rooting Samsung Galaxy Pop (Mini) on Mac OSx and enabling Bangla (Bengali) support

(you can skip this part if you are in hurry)

I was planning to root my galaxy pop for a quite long time. But it was delayed as I found all tutorials applicable for Windows. That means, I need a windows machine to root my device but I don’t have any working windows machine.

Yesterday, I planned to upgrade to Gingerbread from Froyo as some of the friends suggested claiming it improves the battery performance (honestly, so far after upgrade, I believe it really does). I read some tutorials and this also requires windows machine. So, I borrowed my brother’s laptop. After about 10 hours of efforts, I could successfully upgrade the ROM.

So, this morning, I planned to root the device and in office I tried SuperOneClick.exe with colleague’s windows machine but failed. Then I was searching Google to do so on my Mac OSx. After several tries, I could do it. Continue reading →

Append/Prepend string to a field in MySQL

Just now I am working with a problem where I need to update a column/field by appending something. I was in a bit trouble for a 2 mins as I was finding a solution for this. First thing came to my mind is

UPDATE `table_name` SET `field_name`=`field_name`+’appending string’ WHERE `field_name`=’xxx’;

I knew this won’t work in my case. It is suitable when I need to SUM up floating point. However, I simply need to append to current value. Within two mins I got the idea that worked 100%. It is:

UPDATE `table_name` SET `field_name`=concat(`field_name`, ‘ appending string’) WHERE `field_name`=’xxx’;


PunBB Twitter – Twitter Updater for PunBB Forum

This morning I got this idea to make an extension for PunBB forum engine that will update twitter status upon new posts and other activities. Few hours back I have completed it.  It may need many many improvements. But yep, its ready for testing.

Current Version: 0.8

Current features:

  1. Configurable account
  2. Update on creation of new topic
  3. Update on reply on topic
  4. Update on new registration (future)
  5. Control update types (v0.5)
  6. URL shortening using (v.06)
  7. Skip forums. Updates not posted in twitter when posted on those forums.

Do you have any other update idea? please share me. I will add that too.

Click here to see a demo!

Download here. Feedback is appreciated.

Special thanks to Lee Findlow. I have used his class for updating posting message in twitter.