Patriotism in TV Commercials

I’m big fan of TV commercials in indian televisions those try to promote patriotism. They nicely talks about their country and to love her even when advertising their products.

Though many of the TV programs (like Reality Shows, family breaking serials) ideas are borrowed from indian televisions, I was always thinking why we don’t see such patriotism in our ads?  Why our commercials do not talk to love our country, to use our local products! I think my days of frustration are over. Recently I’ve seen two tv commercials that are talking about the love for the country and make some change. I’ve embedded those two in this post.

Robi (Mobile operator) TV Commercial:

Frutika (mango juice) TV Commercial

These two are ads I watch in full each time they are broadcasted. Each time I see them I see like I’m seeing it for the first time.

If these ads can change a single person, or at least make him to think different; that’s a big success. I wish to more like these in coming days.