Header Image Rotator for Twenty Ten theme of WordPress 3.0

WordPress 3.0 is still in RC1. I have already upgraded this blog to this version. I can’t but  simply love the new theme ‘Twenty Ten’ which is default in WordPress 3.0. It is super simple theme.

In this theme, there is option to use custom header image. From the admin panel you can select the header image. However, all of the default banners looked interesting to me and I have also uploaded some of my own shots. I wanted to show them all.

Keeping that in mind, I made this simple plugin, Twenty Ten Image Rotator. Having this plugin installed, you can show all images on the header. Single banner each selected randomly on each page load.

I believe if you love Twenty Ten theme, you will love this plugin too :).

Download from WordPress Plugin Repo

Gmail Introduced Themes!!!

Just few mins ago, I have logged into Gmail and discovered some changes on interface! I was looking for New Features link at right-top. But did not found. Then I saw a message on top that they introduced themes and colors. I browsed to the Theme tab from settings and tried themes one after another. But none of them suits me. I did not like a single theme. None of themes are comfortable for my eyes. Most simple themes has too many white spaces that were making reading unpleasant. I tried some other non-white themes. The background of those colors are not also comfortable for my eyes.

I am now wondering how to switch to previous looks. I hate current themes :(.