Instant Node.js Starter Review

Instant Node.js Starter

Node.js is a current hype, obviously with valid reasons. Though several times I’ve planned to learn it, I could not manage it. It’s mostly for being extremely busy at home & work and unable to manage time to read big books/manuals. However, I just had a quick look into Node.js when I’ve found a book titled Instant Node.js Starter authored by Pedro Teixeira published by Packt Publishing. This is a part of Packt’s Instant series.

Packt’s Instant series are published for people who struggles with time for reading. These books are very short, fast and jump directly in action.

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Rails scaffold, create .haml rather than .erb views

After being tired of refactoring .erb files to .haml I headed for a way to modify the rails generator that will create .haml view files rather than .erb view files.

After a while, I found what exactly I needed. ‘haml-rails’ is the name of the solution. This is how you do it.

Add the following line to your Gemfile:

gem 'haml-rails'

Then run the bundler (bundle install).

Now append the following lines in your application.rb file (at the end of Application class):

config.generators do |g|
   g.template_engine :haml

That’s it. Your new scaffolds will generate .haml files (and obviously haml syntaxes) for you.

This is much easier than Haml-scaffold.