Installation and configuration of SHOUTcast is fun!

Today one of my online junior friend requested me to install and configure SHOUTcast for him. Though I had no previous experience on it, I became interested to take the challenge. Before starting, I dug internet a bit and found a helpful tutorial. I started the work and found it is very easy. It took not more than 30 minutes to complete the study & setup.

Here is the steps I followed in shell:
#useradd shoutcast
#cd /home/shoutcast
#su shoutcast Continue reading →

Red5 installation never been easiest!

Several times I have tried to install Red5 Streaming server in my linux box and I successfully failed during every try.

Today from morning I again started to try as success was my sheer determination. I planed I would surely find out a positive result. But no hope. I again failed to install it.

Later, while searching online, I have found a magic script. i instantly downloaded the file and executed it. Within a few minutes, Red5 is installed successfully. Thats really magic. I just run service red5 start and its started.

To get details visit:

To download the magic file click here.

Make it executable (755) and execute it (./red5_install). And count for success. Thanks a lot to the author for a fantastic script.

Optionally I have upload that script here for backup storage. You can download from here.