Recent Issues in Somewhereinblog

Long ago I left Somewhereinblog, bangladesh’s pioneer blog site, due to extreme abuse of it. I have observed that a group of people always abuse there by their words. But surprisingly, the authority was not so much proactive for that. It may be, it was their out of capacity to read individual post and prune.

Yesterday, I went again to SWI blog (SWIB) to see what new features they added. Seeing posts at their homepage, I was astonished. The bloggers demanded the ban of Razakr (The pakistani allies during 1971 war). Yeah, I would congratulate those bloggers, if they raised such demand to the Govt. But I dont find any sensible reason, why they are urging a business firm (i meant Somewherein later called SWI). Its not duty of SWI to discriminate Razakar and General people/Freedom fighter. Even, they should not dare to do it. Its a national phenomenon. An individual or business firm has no right to do that too unless exclusively authorized by proper authority. Continue reading →