Flash Media Server (FMS) and libasneu.so.1 issue

Today I was working with Flash Media Server (FMS). Everything went accordingly except libasneu.so.1. This file is needed for FMS which is included with FMS archive. We just need to link it correctly.You may check the shared library dependencies by the following command:

# ldd fmscore

In my case, everything was found except libasneu.so.1. It was showing not found. I have started googling. Got a lots of tips. However, none worked. Some sites suggested to create a soft link to this file in /lib (ln -s /opt/adobe/fms/libasneu.so.1 /lib/libasneu.so.1) . Some suggested to do same in /usr/lib ((ln -s /opt/adobe/fms/libasneu.so.1 /usr/lib/libasneu.so.1). Another site suggested to add fms path in a config file (/etc/ld.so.conf.d/). I tried everything without any luck. Continue reading →