Seminar on ‘Building Tech Careers’ at DUET

Today I have participated in a seminar arranged by phpExperts and CSE Department, DUET. The journey to DUET was fun! I came with Hasan vy who picked me up from Mohakhali. Then we all (hasin hayder, omi azad, arild) at Jasim Uddin! Then we had a mini race to come faster but Hasan vy was not willing to risk fuel sufficiency. So he entered a CNG refueling station and as a result he fallen back :D.

However, we all reached safely and the session started in time. The seminar covered the following session:

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Seminar on ‘Current Development Trend’

On May 16th, I have joined the seminar titled ‘Current Development Trend’ organized by phpxperts, a globally recognized PHP group on yahoo maintained from Bangladesh.

There were total 8 presentations by experts of those fields. The presentation titles were:

  • How to Become a PHP Nijna?
    Emran Hassan
  • How to make simple Facebook application?
    Junal Rahman
  • Advantages of using Javascript Frameworks : jQuery
    Anis Uddin Ahmed
  • How to make Quality Application
    NHM Tanveer Hossain
  • Overview of OpenSource eCommerce Applications : Magento
    Saidur Rahman
  • Web Security
    Mizanur Rahman
  • ZCE : Why you need it? How to achieve?
    Md. Mahmud Ahsan
  • Scalability
    Hasin Hayder

All slides, photos and videos are available on

In addition to the above session, I have another memorable session. During the seminar, the most active moderators of the group are selected and it’s great to feel that I am one of them. Other two are Arafat Rahman and Lelin. All three were awarded. After all the presentations completed, we had a photo session with all moderators. It’s a great feelling to see all 14+ moderators.

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