Getting Started with WebRTC book review

Getting Started with WebRTC

Getting Started with WebRTC

I’ve started reading the book titled Getting Started with WebRTC written by Rob Manson which is published by Packt Publishing.

This is a short book but, my speed of reading is quite slow due to my current workload. Currently I’m reading chapter 2.

Chapter 1 introduces to the high level concepts of WebRTC and what we require for establishing web based real time communication. This is very helpful as you will know your requirements clearly before you dive into work.

In Chapter 2, author shows the technical part of the WebRTC. As I’m currently reading it, I am not ready to write about it but I will update this post when my reading is completed.

Due to another priorities, I’ve started reading another book titled Mastering Web Application Development with AngularJS. I will update this review once I complete this book but now I’m uncertain about any timeframe. Sorry about that.

Joomla 1.5 Top Extensions Cookbook Review

Well, I came to this book  when I was looking for a Project Management Tool inside Joomla. It is because, I am working on a project where clients handles several persons (developers, researchers etc.) and he wants to manage the tasks himself that he assigned to others. Being familiar with Joomla, it is comfortable for him to get something inside Joomla.

While searching for an easy manual for him, I somehow found this book. When I got this book, I found exactly what I wanted in its 7th Chapter where it discussed about ProjectFork. I found that it is clearly and easily described how to configure & us Projectfork. Moreover, sufficient number of images/screenshots have been included on every sections. Sometimes images talk much than texts.

Now I can recommend the same book to Project Owner so that he can take help from it too. I am sure, it will be quite easy for him to use ProjectFork following this book.

I have read few other chapters (for example: chapter about Docman as it will also be needed in this project) and I am amazed to see its lucid descriptions. In every section, there are sufficient screenshots that will greatly help the newbies, the book is mainly intended to. Overall it contains more than 80 recipes of doing something with Joomla. The interesting part is that, you don’t need any programming skills for following these. Little familiarity with Joomla will be sufficient to follow the guidelines. However, the numerous screenshots are included which will make the reading comfortable.

The reader of this book will learn the following things (copied from original site): Continue reading →

Purchased a new Modem….Anik modem is dead :(.

Today I have purchased a new EDGE Modem for internet access as my previous modem died yesterday. The new modem’s brand is Histon. My old one was Anik modem. Today morning I visited Anik’s head office and showed my non-functioning modem. After a few minutes of testing, they said it is dead. But I it seemed to me that they could solve it as almost same problem occurred  one year back. That was within guarantee period. That time, they said “it is a small problem. My engineer is not available otherwise he/she could fix it momentarily. Then they have given me a replace. But not new one; they gave one old/used modem. I asked “why old one?”. A man replied “Should we give a new modem for a small problem?”. Then he replied the above line. Now the modem’s warranty period is expired so they don’t care it anymore.

I am not sure about the quality of Histon modem. But it takes longer to initialize and to become accessible than that of Anik’s modem. Don’t see any significant changes in browsing or downloading. Same freak about connection speed. What does it mean?

he he. Yes, Anik’s modem always been connected at 460kbps but it could never cross 228kbps. This modem shows 384kbps on its package and other places. But it connects at 460kbps. So don’t they know their modem’s connection speed? Why they put low on label? Very opaque.

Anyway, lets see how much it serves me. The worse thing is that this modem also does not work in Linux :(.

Thumb up zipservers

My last VPS review was almost negative which was about Wowvps. No worry! Now some smile! Its not a negative review. But I should have given this review first as I tested before buying from wowvps (second time).

I had a promo of zipservers for first month. So it was a great opportunity to test the server at low cost. I ordered a VPS without any delay. I got the account information. Started configuring the server and used the server about a month. I have hosted a site that have monthly 2million+ hits.

I was very happy with them as their server is excellent. Performance was fast, network speed was superb. Most probably support response time is not up to the mark. Also their mails’ format is not eye friendly.

Whatsoever, the main parts of the service were very satisfactory. You may find their server a bit expensive comparing others. But I think they deserve priority if we care about quality.

I added them up in my trust list and surely back to them in future when needed

Integrating zencart with your CMSes

Should I tell you what Zen Cart is? I don’t think it is needed. Still if there is really someone who never heard about Zen Cart, the following lines are quoted for you from Zen Cart’s website :

Zen Cart™ truly is the art of e-commerce; free, user-friendly, open source shopping cart software. The ecommerce web site design program is being developed by group of like-minded shop owners, programmers, designers, and consultants that think ecommerce web design could be and should be done differently.

So you now know that Zen Cart is a fantastic shopping cart system which is free and freedom, implies open source. Using Zen Cart you can develop a fully professional e-commerce website without hassle. Please visit official website to dig more of it. Continue reading → review

As a part of my hosting company assessment, in July I tested I found there name in WebHostingTalk forum. They were offering 600GB of space for $3.95/month. Isn’t it fair than so called unlimited space offers? But if you ever go for purchasing a dedicated server, you will know how easily it is impossible 😉 to offer 600GB storage at $3.95 with 6TB transfer (without multiple overselling!).

Anyway, yet I still interested to test them as their sign up fee is not high. After reading their TOS I have proceed to sign up with them. After account gets approved, now I need to store files. An idea came to my mind; I transfered about 20GB from my another server to this new account. The files were archives of my websites.

After one day, I got email that my account is suspended. I asked them why they suspended it. They replied, storing backups/archives is not allowed. But swear, there was no such term in there Terms & Conditions. I told them about this but they were rigid. Later, I told I will remove the backups after a few days. They then unsuspended it. After one/two days again they suspended it. They send an email regarding this. I guranteed to remove the files. So they undo it. I then removed the files (in fact for my sites security reason) and I never get back to them again.

Building Websites with Joomla! 1.5

I think i should not introduce you with the Joomla. I believe most of the net surfer more specifically who have website and/or want to build website have already heard about Joomla. “Joomla” is enough for addressing Joomla.

Though Joomla is very user friendly, people having little or no experience with PHP & Advance web development may be in stuck with the arrangement of Joomla. I even have to expense a lot of time to understand it because I never like to go through the thousands of pages online documentation. Unfortunately, that time there was no concise manual/book on Joomla. Continue reading →