Auto updating (svn up) working copy on commit

I am working on a project that can’t be tested locally. So, I need to upload files to server. However, committing and then uploading is rigorous job (as there are lots of files to upload as a directory while changes were made only a few files under different directory. so browsing directory and uploading specific file(s) also annoying.) ! That’s why I used ‘svn up’ command to update all changed files from svn repository.

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List of RPM Repos

Today I had to face much trouble while trying to install vlc player in my Fedora 9. You know, there are a lots of dependencies for installing vlc. The Yum could not resolve (using rpmforge and some other repo) a dependency and it took me more than hour to resolve it. After googling for about one hours, I came to know about RPM Fusion repository. After adding it to my Yum repo, vlc installation is damn easy. That dependency is now quickly and effectively resolved.

That’s why I planned to list a number of Repos so that I and you can use it when needed.

  1. Yes, the old friend RPM Forge.
  2. RPM Fusion
  3. Livna
  4. FreshRPMS
  5. Dribble – Somehow it is dependent to Livna

These repos provide automatic repo configuration rpm. Visit their configuration/using page and download & Install the RPM and the repo is ready to use.

For manual rpm installation, you know is great always too.

Please keep adding if you know more.


My first plugin in wordpress plugin repo

May be nothing to be exicited. But its still a moment to remember. Today I have published my latest plugin in WordPress plugin repository. Though I have made two more open source plugins, I did not put them in the repo. But I wanted to put my latest plugin (Blog Post Reordering) to the repo to extend its users. As a result, yesterday I have applied for SVN access and today I got approval.

I have immediately uploaded the files. Now just waiting to get users’ feedback. As I have released RC1 of that plugin, I am waiting for users’ feedback to fix bugs. After fixing these, I will release the final 1.0.

Click here to visit the page in repo.