Dutch Bangla Bank (DBBL) introduced ‘Fast Track’ – amazing

Recently I have posted a brief overview in Bangla about the Fast Track introduced by Dutch Bangla Bank Ltd (DBBL). I think it is better if I put some words in English too :). I know CDM services are not new in Bangladesh, but the augmentation by DBBL is really amazing :).
DBBL already has the country’s largest ATM network. Though their service at their branches are not very satisfactory they have made significant improvements in introducing/using technologies in Banking. One reason of their poor customer services at branches may be they do mass banking rather than priority banking like some banks specially the foreign banks. However, in comparison to fees those banks take, I believe DBBL is not much bad ;).

Most interesting is that, I believe, they know about their poor customer service and they can feel it. That’s why they are trying to provide services even outside their branches. I like that. Their recent introduction of ‘Fast Track’ will enable to go to the branches rarely. The majority of the tasks with bank is deposit and withdrawal of money. Being a customer of largest ATM network, I would need to go to branches occasionally. However, sometimes I had to go to deposit cash but I always afraid of their long queue.

Another thing about DBBL is that their queue management is really poor. They have separate queues for deposit and withdrawal. I never seen more than 2 person in their withdrawal queue. But I always see long line at the deposit counter. The personnel in the withdrawal counter can easily kill lots of flies per day while the personnel in deposit counter are tired of working. I believe they could trade-off between these two based on the rush.

Now, after introducing, “Fast Track” my necessity of going to branch even reduced. I can now deposit from the fast track and one is very close to my house. Fast Track also accepts deposits longer time than branch.

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