PunBB Topic Ownership Change extension

Just now I have developed a small extension for PunBB that will let admins and moderators to change the ownership of any topic. As usual, I made it for Projanmo Forum but it is always pleasing to share with the community :).

It is very simple plugin. Just upload and activate the extension. Then if you view any topic with, at least, moderation privilege, you will see a link ‘Change Topic Owner’. When you click on it, you will be asked to enter new User’s ID (check the image below). Once you enter and hit Ok, you will be redirected to a new page where either the ownership will be changed or corresponding error message will be shown.

Note: This will not affect users’ post count.


PunBB 1.3x Extension…. Convert numbers to Bangla (Bengali) on the fly!

Just now I have completed the first version of bangla_numbers extension for PunBB 1.3.x. When enabled, this function will converts numbers used in PunBB to Bangla. It will specially converts numbers of posts, topics, replies, members etc.


Upload the unzipped files to extensions directory of PunBB and install the extension from Admin panel’s Extension tab. You’re done!

Download 1.1.1

PunBB 1.3 Extension – Post Editing Period – Control how long a post can be edited

Today I have developed a simple PunBB Extension for Projanmo Forum that allows administrators to control until how long a post can be edited. Such control is necessary as often members removes the post whimsically making replies irrelevant.

If you install this plugin, it will stop from such happening. From admin panel’s Settings -> Features section you can mention how many minutes are allowed to edit a post within. After such duration the post will not be editable.

Click here to download

PunBB and OpenInviter

Recently I have worked with OpenInviter to work with PunBB. OpenInviter already has a plugin (mod) that enables it to work with PunBB. But Idid some more works that will enable PunBB forum admins to tracks how many users have been invited, which users has invited, when invited, when the invited friends visited the site and when they registered (if they did). So, it will be easier for the admins to manage invitations. Admins can even award the top referrals.

But this script or OpenInviter do not store the importer’s (user’s) email login details. So you can use it safely.

When someone visits the site upon getting invitations from forum user, a cookie is set in his computer so that he can be tracked if in future (untils 6month s or deleted) he directly visits the site.

I have worked with PunBB 1.2.x. But I don’t have any plan to release this script for 1.2x because manual source hacking, which I dislike. I wish to release as an extension for PunBB 1.3.x. But if someone extreamly need this modifcation, please let me know. I will try to deliver to you.

PunBB Thread Guide!

While moderating & administering the Projanmo Forum, I have seen many times that users opening thread in wrong forum/section. For example, they are opening a software troubleshooting thread in forum’s suggestion section.

I have seen in some vBulletin based forum that when opening a new thread, user has to confirm that he is posting in the right section. So, today I have made a very small extension for PunBB 1.3x bulletin board engine which will work it out.

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Projanmo Forum got a new home!

Yep! Its true! Projanmo Forum is now getting young. It need some dedicated space & privacy. Now it should not share the same room with others :-). So, today it got a home of its own.

I have purchased a new VPS for Projanmo Forum. Today at 3.35PM I have completed migration of all databases & files to its new home. Migration was almost seamless because I have performed trial migration twice. A minor mistake was that I forget to allow override causing .htaccess was not working. After confirming that everything looks fine I have given the announcement and scheduled a downtime. The downtime was about 30 minutes.

I know Projanmo Community missed their beloved forum for 30 minutes. But they enjoyed the sacrifice for the betterment of the Forum. Thanks to all Projanmo Forum members for always participating in the forum and continuously inspiring me to do something.

PunBB Warning System

Today I am working on basic PunBB Warning System extension. It is a long expected feature of PunBB and specially a Projanmo Community desire. This extension will work with upcoming PunBB 1.3

In this version admin can define number of warnings an user may get before getting a temporary ban and also number of warnings before getting a permanent ban.

There will be a link on each post of user (in topic view) which will be only viewed by admin/moderators. They can follow the link and send user a warning with warning description.

User may get (can be disabled) an email notification that he got a warning.

When the user got predefined number of warnings, he will get banned automatically.

So far 30-40% work is completed. It needs too much time as I yet to get familiarity with new PunBB.




I have completed the 1st beta release. Please download and check it. Please let me know any suggestion, feedback and/or bug report.

Download Pun Warning Extension

PunBB Plugin

I have worked a bit with PunBB specially to improve Projanmo Forum.

Today, I wanted to practice a bit with PunBB Plugin System. So, I have developed a very simple plugin. Using this plugin, the admin can edit the any value of configuration table.

It just a practice Plugin. But may be helpful for MOD which affected config table but did not give any plugin to edit those configuration.

In next version of this script, i will add some more feature.

To use this, just download and upload the file to PunBB’s plugins directory. Before uploading, don’t forget to rename AP_Config_Editor.php.txt to AP_Config_Editor.php.


PunBB Bangla Language Pack

I am working on PunBB for a bit long time. The whole work I have yet done only for Projanmo Forum. Many people asked me for the Bangla Language Pack of PunBB. But I could not release it due to some internal reasons. Few days ago, I sent the pack to Ricard and Yesterday he published it on www.punbb.org.

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