Pun Warning – Warning system for PunBB

Quite long ago, I have developed this extension to warn users due to violating rules in Projanmo Forum. Many asked me for releasing it but I could not release it for various reasons mainly as I could not test in Non-Bangla forums.

Today I decided to release it and so I’ve downloaded punbb and installed and then tested it. Seems it is working fine. So, I am now releasing it.

1. Download and install it as you do other extensions. You will also need to install jQuery extension before installing it. Continue reading →

When disaster gives peace!

Today around 3.55PM, a few members of Projanmo Forum poked me on messenger. However, I was too much busy that I could not reply! When a minute later, Jobaer Shuman, another adminstrator of Projanmo Forum called me, two users are poking on IM. I was sure something happened with Projanmo! I entered its address on browser and then received his call. The page loaded and he said the news at a time that projanmo, (including some other of its subdomain) is hacked. Continue reading →

PunBB Topic Ownership Change extension

Just now I have developed a small extension for PunBB that will let admins and moderators to change the ownership of any topic. As usual, I made it for Projanmo Forum but it is always pleasing to share with the community :).

It is very simple plugin. Just upload and activate the extension. Then if you view any topic with, at least, moderation privilege, you will see a link ‘Change Topic Owner’. When you click on it, you will be asked to enter new User’s ID (check the image below). Once you enter and hit Ok, you will be redirected to a new page where either the ownership will be changed or corresponding error message will be shown.

Note: This will not affect users’ post count.


Projanmo Forum got a new home!

Yep! Its true! Projanmo Forum is now getting young. It need some dedicated space & privacy. Now it should not share the same room with others :-). So, today it got a home of its own.

I have purchased a new VPS for Projanmo Forum. Today at 3.35PM I have completed migration of all databases & files to its new home. Migration was almost seamless because I have performed trial migration twice. A minor mistake was that I forget to allow override causing .htaccess was not working. After confirming that everything looks fine I have given the announcement and scheduled a downtime. The downtime was about 30 minutes.

I know Projanmo Community missed their beloved forum for 30 minutes. But they enjoyed the sacrifice for the betterment of the Forum. Thanks to all Projanmo Forum members for always participating in the forum and continuously inspiring me to do something.

PunBB Plugin

I have worked a bit with PunBB specially to improve Projanmo Forum.

Today, I wanted to practice a bit with PunBB Plugin System. So, I have developed a very simple plugin. Using this plugin, the admin can edit the any value of configuration table.

It just a practice Plugin. But may be helpful for MOD which affected config table but did not give any plugin to edit those configuration.

In next version of this script, i will add some more feature.

To use this, just download and upload the file to PunBB’s plugins directory. Before uploading, don’t forget to rename AP_Config_Editor.php.txt to AP_Config_Editor.php.


Grow up the Baby!

Happy Birthday Projanmo Forum
Oh, the baby is getting one year old just few hours later. I love you too much, I miss you too much. Thats why I always take care of you. My exam, studies and any other barriers could not separate me from you this one year.

Yeah, you are Projanmo Forum. Just one year ago, I whimsically started translating PunBB after seeing the localization of PunBB by Hasin Vy. He did it in ASCII format. But I thought, I should not do it in ASCII. As coming days are of Unicode, I started localizing PunBB in Unicode. On early January of 2007, the work is completed 90%. On January 17/18 of 2007, I uploaded PunBB to server and hosted in forum.projanmo.com. This is also another funny story. I registered the domain without any wishes. But when I localized PunBB, I thought, its a very good match. I can host PunBB under Projanmo name. Continue reading →