WordPress Blog/Post Reorder

Until this plugin takes birth, the blog posts of WordPress were arranged on post’s date/time basis. The latest post will be in front and the earlier posts will sink.

From a few days, I was planning about this plugin. I am excited at this beta release of it.

Using this plugin, posts can be reordered or reorganized. Now you can set how blog posts should come one after another. By default, the posts are displayed on time basis. The latest created post comes at first. But now you can set the order in a array of ways. You can also define custom ordering. Continue reading →

WordPress filter posts in homepage…

It happened to me that I have published a post in my blog. But for some reason I don’t like it to be displayed in homepage. So I was finding a solution but end with no result.

So I have developed a quite small plugin to do serve same purpose. Installation is simple. Just activate from Plugins section of WordPress administration area after you unzip the file in plugins directory. That means the files will be inside hil directory inside plugins directory. No adjustments needed in template.

After installing the plugin, a new column Hide in Homepage will be added in the Manage Posts section. Initially you should see the cross icon. That means no post is hidden. Now if you want to hide a post, simply click on the icon. The icon will be changed to tick mark mentioning that post is hidden. If you want to unhide it, again click on the tick. Thats it.

Very simple and sexy! Isn’t it?

Download 1.0beta

Tested with 2.6 & 2.5.1 only! Bug reposts and suggestions are very much welcome :).